About Us

[Pirates video with English subtitles]

The “Pirate Center” blog ripened on the belarusian cyber space ruins for a long time.

We gathered here to change the world, because we can’t be indifferent to many issues.

Global problems define global leverages for their solution. The Internet is tool it makes communication possible for each citizen of the country and as a result to influence on what is going on.

In this blog we publish manifestos, news, articles about pirate movement, technologies, state, corporations, about revolution 2.0 and new economy. We  permanently increase knowledge base about governance theory and social shifts on the planet. We also learn here the copyright, civil rights, patents, anonymous movement.

Our valuables and aspirations:

  • openness and transparency of government decision-making
  • common available high-speed Internet
  • the right to privacy on the internet and in the real world
  • free and open knowledge for everyone
  • free public transport for all
  • open software in the public sector, education and culture
  • social innovations
  • person-oriented economics, rather than GDP growth
  • dismounting of today’s “copyright”
  • available medical service and medicines

Our task is to unite and organize like-minded people in effective Belarus Pirate Community, which can promote these values in the society, thereby changing the world and taking part in its transformation.

We invite to our Pirate Ship everyone, who shares these values and ideas, who understands that only together theory and practice will obtain right to create.


Karen Eliot

Інфармацыйная правытнасць - гэта права індывіда на недатыкальнасць і свабоду асабістага жыцця . А ці прыватнасць з’яўляецца каштоўнасцю?

Алексей Карамазов

Молодой белорусский писатель Андрей Диченко маркирует свои книги лицензией Creative Commons. О том, почему копирайт устарел и что придет ему на смену.